Sunday, 26 August 2007


Show Info:
1998 Yield Tour Show
Set Length: 114min
Attendance: 24,535
Support Act: Mudhoney

Main Set:
Long Road, Corduroy, Brain Of J, Given To Fly, Animal, Red Mosquito, Jeremy, Whipping, Wishlist, Lukin, Even Flow, Habit, MFC, Present Tense, Daughter/(My Heart Will Go On)/(Monkey Gone to Heaven), Betterman, Alive
Go, Rearviewmirror, Do The Evolution, Hard To Imagine, Black, Last Kiss
Encore 2:
Leaving Here

Show Notes: After 'Brain Of J,' Ed steps up and says, "I hate to say it, but you guys are kinda quiet," but after the first encore he says, "I knew you guys would liven up." He messes up the second verse in 'Even Flow,' forgets it completely and gets the next one right (with the crowd helping) and looks out and says, "Got that fucker right, didn't I?" The 'Habit' line is along the lines of "speaking as a man who loves everyone regardless of race, creed, color or sexual preference."
After 'MFC,' Ed takes a swig of beer and a woman yells, "Hey, Ed! Gimme some of that beer," prompting him to respond: "What? All I heard was 'Hey, Ed. Gimme some of that either beer, pick or your dick' ... and I got lots of beer, lots of picks and only one dick ... and I ain't wasting it on a boring ass place like Knoxville."
After the next song, Ed singles her out and gives her his pick. Ed talks about how there isn't much to do in Knoxville on a Saturday night. He says he watched SNL and masturbated. 'My Heart Will Go On' is the Celine Dion (Titanic theme) song ("near, far, wherever you are ...) !!!
During 'Alive,' Ed notices a fan a Cubs jersey and mouths "Cubbie fan?" The dude says "yeah" and Ed mouths "Atta boy."
During 'RVM,' Stone is dazed-looking during the jam, and Ed steps up and stares at his hands as he plays. Stone startles, noticing Ed and they both die laughing and Ed mouths "Rock on, son." 'Hard to Imagine' is introduced as as song that probably "only 1 or 2 or 10 or 20" people in the audience has heard before.
Mike has difficulty with his typically long solo during 'Black,' so he cuts it short, looking frustrated. Ed introduces 'Last Kiss' by saying he used to think 'Black' was the saddest song he had ever heard until he heard 'Last Kiss.'
Thompson-Boiling Arena is the home of the Univ. of TN basketball champions and Ed picks up on this, noting that "women kick ass in this building," leading to 'Leaving Here.' All night PJ is in great spirits, with Ed fucking around with the crowd up front ... lots of picks tossed out and spit flying. Mike seemed to have trouble with his sound as he cuts his solos down quite a bit, but still plays in fine form. Ed and Stone kept breaking guitar strings.

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Show Notes courtesy of Two Feet Thick.

Thanks to the taper. Sound Quality is B/B+


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